Interim Management

By outburst of a manager, by increasing activities or the start of a project within your company an interim manager might be needed or required. You need intelligence from outside, for insight in business and strategic knowledge? Someone who can exactly reach the results you are expecting. Someone with the strength to get an organization moving. But also someone with continuous respect for the human side of the organisation.

Accomplish Interim can deliver temporary management resources in mainly the following area's:

  • General management and line management
    This can be the case at a temporary outburst of management. Important is than that ongoing processes will be continued.
  • Change management
    The interim manager can initiate, steer, implement and monitor changes when (serious) changes must be carried out in a relatively short time frame. The interim manager will discuss regularly with the constituent during the process and designate bottlenecks.
  • Crisis management
    This type of interim management can be compared with change management in the sense that in a crisis situation also a change must be made to solve the reason, a conflicting situation. An independent manager, in the role of intermediate, brings in a solid solution.
  • Project management
    This type of management concerns activities that fall outside the normal range of activities within the venture. Think for example on improvement projects, the implementation of a new system or getting rid of delays with a project group. The interim manager will be responsible for these projects and will run them.