It is all about the right person at the right place with secondment. As constituent you have to see an added value by using an interim professional. For this reason Accomplish Interim B.V. only works with the best interim professionals. They need only short working-in periods and work not only within the primary task but identify also (related) sticking points outside the primary task. The characteristic involvement with your organisation and reliability in applies here too. That's why we use the motto ' Solid interim Solutions '.

Accomplish Interim B.V. provides you with the best professionals in the wide financial area. Parts of this area one can think of are:

* Financial administration

* Administrative Organisation and Internal Control (AO/IC)

* Credit management

* Interim management

It goes without saying that you only want the best interim professionals to solve a problem or to run a project for you. Accomplish Interim B.V. knows all about it, we wont be satisfied with less than the bests.